Sićevo gorge

Svrljiške planine Mt.
Sićevo gorge is situated in eastern Serbia. The gorge is 17 km long, and made by Nišava river in calcareous rocks. It is also a place where two mountains (Svrljiške planine and Suva planina) meet, a place with reach cultural inheritance and rich geomorphological and biological values. The place is protected by Serbian law, but a great impact on the gorge is caused from the road and railway crossing the gorge and by building of illegal objects.

Stara planina Mt.

Babin zub in the mist...
Stara planina Mt. or Balkan mountain is a huge massif spreading through eastern Serbia and Bulgaria all the way to the Black sea. It is known for astonishing natural treasures and cultural diversity. Its conservation should be one of top priorities, but in contrast, our government is putting much efforts on building a new mega ski center in the very heart of the mountain. The biggest high mountain bogs in Serbia are already bean destructed although this area is protected as a park of nature,
Sunsets on Kopren (2000 m) are always beautiful

Temska village, in the lower part of the mountains, close to the city of Pirot.
High mountain pastures, that people used in the past, now overgrown by Juniperus sp.

Javorska river, near Topli dol village with red silicate sandstone, typical for this area.

The hill called Đavolja glava (The Devil’s head) above Topli dol village.

Ponor, a mountain plateau which once was a lake, but the watter is gone for centuries...

High mountain pastures and coniferous forests. Behind this hills is border with Bulgaria.

Jelašnica gorge

Jelašnica gorge is only 3km long, but presents an unique natural treasure, and therefore is under streat protection. It is calcareous terain, a lowland area in Suva planina Mt, where many endemic and relict plant species grow, long before man’s foot has crossed this area.