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четвртак, 02. септембар 2010.

Aqua Journal vol. #174

Dear Mr. Nenad Djordjevic,

Thank you very much for your continued support to Aqua Design Amano, Co.,Ltd.!
We really appreciate your time for taking an interiew for our monthly magazine, Aqua Journal... 
The article featuring your interview is now released in the latest issue, vol.#174.

Sincerely yours,
PR Department
Aqua Design Amano, Co.,Ltd.

четвртак, 26. август 2010.

Um plantado inspirado nas montanhas dos Balcãs!

I am very happy that my work is shown on Aqualize.com.br. Many thanks to the Brasilian aquascapers. You can read more about this here.

среда, 25. август 2010.

Granny’s Tooth

Babin zub on Stara planina Mt.
Babin zub in small

Hydrocotyle ang Cuba
Grenny’s Tooth (Babin zub in Serbian) is a part of Stara planina, or Balcan mountain, situated in Eastern part of Serbia, and spreading across Bulgaria all the way to the Red sea. Its pristine nature, and geology ware the main argument for protecting this part of mountain by Serbian ministery. On the other hand, this uniqueness is the main argument for developing ski turism, which already couse some species to dissapear from Babin zub. Many people has passed through this region, exploating natural resources over the centuries, but withough major impact on living creatures. It is sad that our inspipration for this aquascape can be changed once and forever.